PPI Refunds

Many people have been extremely relieved to be told that they are eligible
to claim for PPI refunds. It’s like Christmas time and people are going crazy
to make their claims and get their cash. However, an entire industry seems
to have flourished around this phenomenon. Companies are now offering
services whereby they will make your claim for you and handle all the ‘messy
paperwork’ on your behalf. They also claim to have a good relationship with
the insurance companies so they say that the chances of getting your money
back if you use them is higher.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

They are preying on the fact that people feel intimidated by the thought of
maneuvering through the minefield of legalese, paperwork and attorneys to
make their claim and get their money. The real fact of the matter is that none
of this ever happens. All one needs to do to get PPI refunds is to send a letter
to the insurance company stating your case. Then you can send another one
if they reply with a ‘no’. Only this time make sure you threaten to take the case
to the Ombudsman and usually this will be enough. This is the exact process
that these scam artists are following and they are making a fortune. They
usually charge around 30% of the reclaimed amount and all they are doing
is sending a few letters. Keep your money and send the letter yourself. If you
wanted to claim 1000 pounds, they would be keeping around 300 pounds,
leaving you with only 700 pounds.

This is not acceptable.

You will have to be patient though. The process can take some serious time.
Don’t be surprised if you only get your money back 6 months later. How
do you know if you qualify to get PPI refunds? Well, if you were sold the
insurance without your knowing at the time, you most definitely qualify. Also, if
you were a student, unemployed, working part-time, on a temporary contract,
were sick, under 18 or over 65 at the time, were pressured into taking it, told it
was mandatory or if the contract was already filled out with it included, you are
a strong candidate.

These insurance companies have been taking millions of people’s hard-
earned cash for years without their permission. It’s time people fought back
and claimed every last dime that is owed to them.